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Wenche Sunde

Wenche Sunde was born on the 10th September 1948 in Stavanger, Norway.
The last 30 years she has been developing and teaching her own style of watercolors. As student of the famous Don Dennis, Lou Rizzolo and Judi Betts she still searches new ways of developing the techniques of water diluted colours on small and big surfaces.

She has been teaching students in Norway and on the Island of Skopelos in Hellas. Wenche is appreciated as designer of logos and have illustrated pamphlets for Statoil in the brochure”The Chief Executive’s HES Price 1998”. Now she has established a studio in her  new home in Rettedal, “Rite Kunst”, where she together with her husband Roy Albrigtsen works and also welcomes visitors upon appointment by the net or phone.

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Solo Exhibitions
1984 Stavanger Bruks Kunstforenings Art Society
1986 -89, -91 Gallery 83, Aalesund
1988 Gallery Løveid, Skien
1991 Easter Fest Week Stavanger
1993 Gallery Utstein, Mosterøy
1993 Gallery Lundsen, Flekkefjord
1994 Cultural Centre Sola, Sola
1995 Klepp Art Association
1996 Eiker Art Association. Lower Eiker
1996 Gallery Krossen, Sandnes
1997 Ryfylke Art Association - Touring exhibition
1997 Old Olive Factory, Skopelos, Greece
1999 Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Stavanger
2001 Spinneriet, Hjelmeland County
2001 Karis Gallery, Vestnesstraumen
2002 St. Petri Church, Stavanger
2002 Rogaland Theatre's foyer, Stavanger
2003 Gallery Freya, Bremanger
2004 Fotland Mill House. Jæren
2004 Croma Gallery, Stavanger
2005 Croma Gallery, Stavanger
2007 Gallery Fjoset, Rope Mill Park, Strand
2011 Gallery Fjoset, Rope Mill Park, Strand
2012 Utstein Pilgrim Gard, Mosterøy
2012 Thrane Gard, Sandnes

Collective exhibitions:
Moi Cultural Centre, Stavanger Cultural Centre, The Gallery, Sandnes, Missionary College, Stavanger
Tromsø Art Society, juried eq. - "Miniatures" Stavanger Art Society
Filosofgangen, Odense Municipality, Denmark, Skopelos Photo Center, Greece
Forsand Cultural Centre "Forsand - days." Gallery Freya, Bremanger
Hans Tausen Center in Birkende, arr. Nordic Association, Denmark
Quality Lab, exhibition and decoration foyer
Rite Fine Art, "1000 years in business Forsand", arr. Forsand Municipality
Klepp Hall, "Old and new masters." etc. scars. Reidar Jarness, Kongsberg
Lessedra International painting & mixed media competition, 2012 and 2013 juried exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria

Fine Art Educational background:
1969 Preschool for illustrators, 1970 Decorator line by Bjerg Land High School. 1971 Famous Artists School - correspondence, 1974 Art School, Stavanger - Courses 1989-91 Stavanger Kunstforenings Drawing and Painting School, 1992 Lest the foundation course Art History by HiS. Having been a student of among other things. Don Dennis and Judy Betts.

1999-2001 Teacher watercolor at The Free Academy, Stavanger
2003-2005 Instructor watercolor at and collage at the Summer Academy in Bremanger
The last 25 years she has taught and developed her own expression and in watercolor at. She has been doing courses and in Norway, Aalesund, Forde, Ørsta, Bremanger, Bergen, Tønsberg, Hamar and in many of the municipalities in Rogaland. Also and in Oslo under the auspices of " Art for All" , Odense and in Denmark and Skopelos in Greece since 1987.

Public procurement:
Randfontein municipality, Stavanger County, Forsand Municipality, Comrod, Tau Norway.

Q-Lab, High tec material testing, foyer, Forsand 2009

Illustration Assignment:

1997 Statoil " The Chief Executive's HES Price 1998"