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Colin Oosterveld

I was born on the 25th of February 1981 and grew up in the eastern part of Holland. As a child I always loved to keep busy with drawing, painting and with arts and crafts. At first I filled the paper with small black and white drawings, but after some encouragement and support from my grandfather began to use more and more colour.

Drawing painting and arts and craft continued to interest me through all my school years until I finished. After graduating from high school and some job training the plans for a move to Alonissos were already underway.
The quiet life of Alonissos with its peace and beauty inspired me to creativity again through painting which at first began as a hobby before I moved on to create small decorative arts and later with the use of an overhead projector created wall paintings.
Several years later I began working with my parents running the Alonissos museum. I was inspired to create silk paintings when I was asked to assist organising a silk painting exhibition for the Greek artist Christina Kelessidou. The large amount of colourful art works and styles on dislpy filled my heart with 

enthusiasm encouraging me to try silk painting for the first time and which continued throughout the winter months. Different artist  exhibiting at the museum followed with their unique  colourful and exciting styles. While admiring an audio visual show and paintings of the renowned Italian artist AURO; a show projecting moving colours onto natural surfaces inspired me to make more silk paintings and hold an exhibition of my own.

I am proud to show you underneath a couple of my silk creations.