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Takis Dimopoulos

Takis Dimopoulos was born in Piraeus in 1951. In 1968 he started his journey in life and art by visiting England, Germany and France. His home base became Sweden where he enrolled the "Stockholm Kunst Scoola". Soon he left this institute to follow and develope his own way of painting. He took part in various art activities and exhibitions in Stockholm and other Swedish cities where he surprised the audience with his simple, spare sketches.
In 1979 he returned to Greece where he continued his artistic life with exhibitions in galey Ora and Eggonopoulos where art critics praise the various themes and ideas of his work. In 1987 he starts to travel again to be able to broaden the horizon of his paintings. Finally he came back in Greece in 2003 where he presented his work  in the Gallery Aenaon in 2005, Gallery Pantazidis in 2007, the Museum of National Resistance in 2008 and at Ash in Art in 2009.

Work of Takis Dimououlos can be found in the Museum of Modern Art in Paiania, Athens and in private collections all over the world.

Underneath we like to give you an impression of his earlier work; for more recent work see the slide show in the "Ëxhibitions to Come" part of the website.