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Marine Park Islands

Here are the most important islands of the Marine Park with their characteristics:
KIRA-PANAGIA, is situated north-east of Alonissos; measures 25 suare km with a highest point of 299 metres. It is the largest of the deserted islands.

It is known because of its monastery of the Virgin Mary. The monastery  was restored in 1905 and then renovated again in 1992.

There are two deep bays that provide natural harbour for sailors. These are: Agios Petros (St. Peter) to the south and Planitis (Planet) to the north.

PERISTERA, is situated east of Alonissos; measures 16 suare km The highest peak in Peristera, a mainly rocky island, reaches at 259 m. 

It is the nearest to Alonissos deserted island, known because of its two safe natural harbors Vasiliko and Peristeri. The vegetation at the central and southern part consists of olive trees, while in the north there is a dense maquis with Quercus coccifera.

PSATHOURA, is situated north of Gioura; measures 2 suare km with a highest point of 15 metres. Its name comes from its shape because is it shaped liked a straw-hat. 

Psathoura is the northernmost small, flat island  with what is considered as the remains of an ancient, sunken city. The island is volcanic in origin origin and its tropical beach - perhaps the most beautiful in the Sporades - has a dark color.

French engineers built between 1893 and 1895 a big lighthouse, 25 meters in height and visible 18 miles away, in the middle of this island.
It is worth noting that plant species not found in the rest of the Park may be seen here, e.g. the sea lily, the Hemlock and the brooms (Inula viscosa).


, is situated south-east of Alonissos inthe middle between Skyros and Alonissos. It measures 8 suare km with a highest point of 107 metres.

Skantzoura is a small, flat island with low hills and a white marble quarry and belongs to the Mountain Athos Furthermore, it is a prohibited area of the national marine park where a ruined monastery, belonging to the Agia Lavra Monastery of the Agio Oros, is located at the centre of the island. In the South-West is a place where boats can safely anchor.
On the steep cliffs of Skantzoura the Eleonora's falcon finds refuge along with the rare  Audouin's seagull

GIOURA , is situated north-east of Kyra Panagia and north-west of Piperi. It measures 12 suare km with a highest point of 570 metres.

It is a rocky, steep, volcanic island. Sea caves, such as the famous Cyclopes cave at the west part of the island, where according to the myth, the Cyclops Polyphemus was blinded by Odysseus, await the visitor.

The island of Gioura is a botanical paradise for rare plants and has a unique species of wild goat.

PIPERI, is situated south-east of Kyra and measures 8 suare km with a highest point of 352 metres. The island of Piperi and the sea surrounding it form the kernel of the supervised and protected National Marine Park. Access is strictly forbidden and is restricted to a distance of 3 miles from the central point.

On Piperi the largest number of  monk seals live, and also birds of prey that live and reproduce on the inaccessible rocks of the island, which are also home to some rare plant species. The rich flora and fauna on this deserted island is ideal for the dietary demands of the seal and provide the proper conditions for their reproduction and survival.

DYO ADELPHOI, Two small deserted islands close to each other in the south of Alonissos, about 4 miles away, where scuba diving is permitted with diving teachers. To do so you need to get a special license from the Port Police in Patitiri.