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Auro was born in Subiaco, (Rome). He is a many-sided artist who works with different kind of materials like: earth-minerals, gold, bronze, marble, wood, photography and sounds, and above all with minerals, quartz crystals, meteorites and stones.

In 1971 he was one of the major exponents of the “Art Happening” movement. He was taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City, and has taken part in important events in Italy and around the world.
He has lived for several years in Asia (especially in India) where he has discovered the art of body-mind work that has been and still is, a very important aspect of his artistic research and work. Over the years,as well as producing paintings and sculptures he has also been creating jewellery. The jewellery created by Auro manifests what we can call a “Feng Shui” for the body-mind, because all of his work, from the selection and choice of stone’s cut, to the fusion of precious metals realised with a lot of care and with a pinch of alchemy.

From the 1970s Auro began to work with gesture and behaviour in “actions” and “happenings” in Italy and abroad, spending for a whole day painting village streets and squares, rock faces and walls. In 1976 he created the visual art performance/show “Evolution” with some of the members of the Living Theatre, participating as actors.

At present he is the artistic Director of the Hara Holistic Arts Academy in Rome. His works are held in museums and private collections in Italy and abroad. Over the last ten years Auro has individual exhibitions in Australia, Spain, Italy, USA, Japan, France and in Samotraki and Kefalonia in Greece.
His jewellery is held in the shop of the Guggenheim Museum, New York and also in the Louvre Museum, Paris and he has works of art exhibited in the Cristie’s Asta.

For more information about Auro, see his website: