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2010 Donations

The photo shows two water cattles as used in the past by the hair dresser. The copper version was heated on the stove; the metal one was built-in. These cattles were donated to the museum by the Popkin-family.

A revolver and a German Helmet donated by Evelyn Florian from Austria;

Mr. and Mrs. Kolokitua found an ancient banknote from WWII which they offered to the Museum.

Dr. Michael Barbarusis donated us a very old can, filled with kinine tablets;

Larry & Cheryll Blundel
found a 'Stone' made of lead and used in ancient catapults;

Mr. and Mrs. Kalafati
gave us an old flare gun from the first world war made by Webley in 1916. It has a wooden handle and a body made from brass.

An extraordinary telescope for a gun, complete with battery holder, from the Italian Army and donated by Mr. Camillo Sylvestri.

Last week Mr. and Mrs. Pekkas donated two beautiful books about Sporades' to the museum;

Two weeks ago Mr. Dimakis gave six very old bank notes;

Two weeks ago Mr. Yiannis Vlaikos gave us a so called threshing-board as can be seen on the picture. This board is made of one piece of wood which makes it very special. The largest olive tree of Alonissos was used to produce this threshing-board.

Please also see our list of donors to date. 

If you would like to donate anything to the Alonissos Museum please contact us on our email address.