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David Lane

The opening of this years' exhibition of Ingrid Pintgen was musically accompanied by a piano recital of David Lane. As a result of the recitals he gave we like to give you a brief description of his carrier of this pianist/composer.

David was bom and educated in England. He has been a regular visitor to Skopelos since 1990 and now lives here with his wife Penny. Although David studied music at the Birmingham Conservatoire and with Zbignew Rudzinsky at Bayreuth, he has only returned to the study and performance of music since being inspired to do so following his move to Greece. The driving force for his music is the pursuit of expressive virtuosity and a desire to communicate in a way which will enthuse and engage a new young audience. His musical language also reflects his affinity with the late pianism of Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov and Medtner, as does his often exhaustive use of pianistic colour, texture and dynamic.