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Roy Albrigtsen

Roy Albrigtsen was born in Norway on the 8th of April 1945 and  since 1975 has resided in Oslo, at Rettedal in the Municipality of Forsand. He says: "From childhood my passion for drawing and painting, resulted in taking my first schooling in watercolor and oil painting in 1956 - 1957. 

Art and creativity was long neglected through an arduous career as an electronics engineer and salesman, I became at last frustrated for having neglected my passion for a creative lifestyle. So I attended official training at Rogaland Kunstskole and Stavanger Kunstforenings Tegne- og Malerskole in the years 1984 - 1991.

My debut exhibition took place in the year 2000 in Sola Kulturhus and was curated by Mr. Kjell-Pahr Iversen, who at that time was my tutor.

I am in love with Greece, and since 1997 have been visiting and working, mostly in pencil, crayon, watercolor and pastelles. These media have proved themselves suitable for traveling long distance from Norway to here, and are easy to carry along to capture the scenic beauty of Alonissos and Skopelos".

Collective exhibitions:
1989 Gallery du Nord, Stavanger
1991 Stavanger Art Association, Student Exhibition 9 pictures
1993 Breidablikk, Sola juried member exhibition FKF
1994 Civic Sola, Sola, juried FKF
2001 Meloy Municipal Art Society, main exhibitor "Summer Dagan, 2001", Ørnes
2001 Koll Gallery, Stavanger
2001 Gallery A, Stavanger
2003 Gallery Freya, Bremanger
2003 Skopelos Photo Center, at the invitation of the Mayor of Skopelos, Greece
2003 Croma Gallery, Stavanger
2004 Gallery Filosofgangen, Odense, Denmark
2004 Gallery SG DA, Trondheim "Sex in art and media" in Hotel Nidaros
2004 Croma Gallery,Stavanger "Sketches from a Greek island"
2005 'gallery Fjoset" Rope Mill Park, Strand
2006 Croma Gallery, Chicago
2007 'gallery Fjoset" Rope Mill Park, Strand
2007 Forsand Culture "Forsand-dagende"
2008 Grand Palais, Paris "Art Independent - Gam Art" - arr. FNCF
2009 Quality Lab, Forsand
2009 Mill Hjelmeland "The river and village"
2010 Tausen Center, Birkende, Denmark - arr. Nordic Association
2010 Forsand Municipality, "1000 years in business Forsand Municipality" - arr. Forsand Municipality
2011 Biennale in Florence with the painting "Free Fall - Free Fall". Trailer now in Forsand Council.
2012 Guest Exhibitor Track 2012
2013 Gallery Freya, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Bremerton

Solo Exhibitions:
2000 Cultural Centre Sola, Sola, debut exhibition curated by Kjell Pahr-Iversen
2002 Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Stavanger "Vertical organisms"
2002 Varatun Farm, Sandnes
2002 Cultural Centre Sola, Sola, Drawings and portraits
2005 Cultural Centre Sola, Sola, "Portrait Facets"
2012 Berge krossen Industrial Park on the occasion of "groove" in Forsand
2012 Thrane Gard, Sandnes

Decorating Assignments:
2009 Quality Lab, Forsand
2013 Lysefjordsenteret

Fine Arts Education:
1956 -1957 Painting Courses in oil and watercolor by Odd Little Violence
1984-1985 Rogaland Art School drawing courses of Klaas Birk, J. Nasilowsky
1986-1989 Training of Reidar Berge, Torunn Thrall, Kjell Pahr-Iversen, Roland Lengauer
1989-1991 Stavanger Art Society's Drawing and Painting School of Roland Lengauer, Kjell Pahr-Iversen, Herbert Thoma, Einar Myklebust, Arne Hoffman, Einar Helljesen
1998-1901 Visiting student at Kjell Pahr-Iversen
2002-03 Trykkfag and lithography Norwegian Grafical Museum and Stanley Stornes

Since 2006 Member of FNCF - Federation Nationale de la Culture Francaise

1999-2001 Teacher freehand drawing The Free Academy, Stavanger
2003-2005 Instructor drawing, acrylic, pastel at the Summer Academy in Bremanger

Public procurement
Statkraft Glomfjord
Sola Municipality
Sola Cultural Centre
Forsand Municipality "Lyse Fjord Morning" municipality gift for the new Preikestolhytta
Forsand E-work
Forsand Cultural Award in 2008, 2009, 2010
Forsand Tiltakspris 2010, 2011, 2012

Book publishing pictures:
"Madonna-in Art" by Mem Mehmet, London Published by Pop Art Books in 2004
"One big step for me -!" 20 Blommsbury Street London WCIB 3JH ISBN 1-904957-00-5