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Maro Vouduroglou

Maro Vouduroglou-Vlachaki was bom on Skopelos and educated in Volos. She spent many years abroad but always written poetry and also studied music. She returned to Skopelos in 1971 to 1987 and then spent 11 year in Volos. She now lives permanently on Skopelos. She has earned many awards for her internationally acclaimed poetry and was
International Artist of the Year 2008 and awarded first prize by the International Art Society for her poem 'May Day'. In national competitions she has won 5 'A' Awards, 2 'A' Honorary Awards, 1 'B' Prize and 1 'C' Prize. She has been awarded a complimentary Diploma by the Hellenic Club of Writers a Commendation by the Union of European Writers and 'Praise' from the Club for Unesco of Art Literature and Science of Greece.