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List of Donors

We've listed the people who have made fantastic donations and provided assistance to the Alonissos Museum here.

  1) Fabio and Jasmine Merighi who gave 30 precious objects from the second World War;
  2) Ioannis and Eleni Chiras for their 20 objects;
  3) The Oosterveld Family from Holland, inhabitants of Alonissos, who donated 7 objects;
  4) Ioannis Tsikas who donated 17 objects;
  5) Kostis Bourtzalas who gave 20 rare objects;
  6) Marco Pilati and Carlo Fantini from Italy who donated a golden knife;
  7) An english couple who like to be anonymous. They sold their home in The Old Village and gave
       the Museum all the old objects that they have been collecting for years in Alonissos;
  8) Eleni Tsoukana for giving a portrait;
  9) Florian an Evelyne from Austria for the donation of a gun;
10) Mike Fischer for the donation of 20 objects and a beatiful scale model of the fregat "Hellas";
11) Renata and Ray Kelly for a knife of the second world war;
12) Leopold Kroupa for a german military map of the second world war;
13) Alexis Stellas for the donation of a sword from the first world war;
14) Christos Kolokithas for the donation of a knife;
15) Ann and Terry Maggs;
16) Rita and Griff Collins;
17) Paul from Setsail.
18) Rosemary Skinner for the donation of 4 precious dolls;
19) Margaret Halliday for giving a loom;
20) Yiannis Vlaikos for the donation of a one-piece threshing-board (Dokani);
21) Mr. Dimakis for six very old bank notes;
22) Wolfgang and Rita Jung;
23) Gerard Joannes and Jaqueline Storoge;
24) Mr. Pekkas  for two beautiful books about the Sporades
25) Mr. Camillo Silvestri for a gun telescope complete with battery holder,
26) Mr. & Mrs. Kalafati for a flare gun out of WW1,
27) Larry & Cheryll Blundel for the donation of an ancient lead catapult "stone",
26) Dr. Michael Barbarusis for a very old can with kinine
27) Mr. and Mrs. Kolokitua for two ancient banknotes
28) Evelyn Florian for the donation of a German helm & revolver out of WW2,
29) The Popkin-Family for the donation of two water cattles of a barber;
30) The Dutch artist Krijnie Beyen ( for a work of art consisting of several
31) Marina Voorhoeven from The Netherlands for the donation of a beautiful patchwork wall carpet;

The Museum also wishes to acknowledge all donations that have been made anonymously.

If you would like to donate anything to the Alonissos Museum, please contact us on our email address.