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Maria Vlaikou-Kalogirou

Maria Vlaikou-Kalogirou was born on Alonissos and grew up in Athens. She studied engineering design but painting has always been her passion. She was introduced to the art of painting by her aunt, who taught her how to decorate and carve archaic motives on ceramics, a rare kind of art which she enjoyed doing for many years.
Lately, she started experimenting with oil on canvas paintings. She has been attending seminars on various techniques. She also attended a two-year seminar on painting icons.

Each one of her paintings, ceramics or icons is unique. The materials she uses for her paintings are oil and acrylic paints and pencil. Apart from brushes, her painting technique includes painting with knifes and fingers. The themes of her canvases are every day objects, people and landscapes. For her icons she uses egg tempera, gold foil, paper and wood, which she antiquates.

As Maria emphasizes, painting is her passion and her source of personal expression and relaxation. She fulfills creativity and derives energy out of it, which she then associates with all other aspects of her life.
Underneath you'll find a extensive slide-show representing a cross-section of her work. The Alonissos Museum will without a doubt find somewhere in the future a moment to organize an exhibition with work of this Alonissos' artist. The Museum Shop (and the Webshop) already have two of her paintings for sale.