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Silent Stories of Ina van Delden, Photography
June 1...9

With these photographs I would like to tell a story about the Greek people in the vanishing landscape province of Lakonia in the Southern Peloponnese. These images I saw will never return in the way perceived during these moments.
People...children in their innocent play often catch, draw my attention and touch my heart. Old people with a long lives of hardships and still struggling through; people from far away countries with their strong sense of survival. I want to honour their authenticity and to tell part of these silent life stories.
I encounterd this vanishing past in deserted houses and buildings; often in old furniture and personal items covered in dust bring to memory a time now past. I want to bring these forgotten and abandoned items back to life, to let them tell their story, to place them in the light of beauty so as not to be forgotten.


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