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Anke Rietdijk

Making my mosaics is a kind of painting, not with paint but by using glass, ceramic and other materials.

Anna Rietdijk lives in the Netherlands but spends much of the summer on Alonnisos together with her husband Peter in their house at Kato Chorafi.
Since the 1980’s they visited many Greek islands and slowly traveled most of the Greek mainland by bicycle. When they arrived on Alonnisos it was love at first sight and they decided to buy a house on this beautiful green small island.

Anna started as a painter. She was inspired by antiquity and the Byzantine era and experimented with old techniques, making her own tempera paint. The same paint with which traditional icons and the famous old Egyptian Fayum potraints were painted.

Her love for mosaics came after visiting Ravenna, the city of mosaics.
After seeing those marvelous, beautiful Byzantine pieces of art she wanted  to become a mosaicist herself. She learned the techniques and craftmanship that go behind them and with her background as a painter she now creates her very own personal colorful pieces.

In her mosaics she uses all kinds of materials. Usually glass ceramics and porcelain but also stained glass, bits of mirrors or stones and shells she finds on the beaches of Alonnisos.

In Holland she participated in several group exhibitions and in 2010 she created the mosaic floor in a chapel in the Old Village. You can find this chapel above the small  parking place opposite the Aloni’s.