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Rena Grigoriadou

Rena Grigoriadou was born in Edessa in the prefecture of Pellas. She graduated from the university of Visual and Applied Arts with honours in the section of painting in the year 2010. She works as an art teacher in a public primary school.

Her passion and love for animals was influencial in her adopting an unconventional lifestyle involving a life on her own farm.
She has dealt with horses for many years (horse riding and training). As a result of that, her creativity cannot be unaffected by the stimuli received from the environment that surrounds her.

Participations & Art activities
  • Performance /Help  - Igoumenitsa 2012
  • Seminary performance  Biennale Thessaloniki –Workshop 2011
  • Seminary performance  Biennale Thessaloniki /Masterclasses2011
  • Group performance/Dream –Florina Rena Grigoriadou, Heike Koummer
  • Seminary performance 2 Biennale Thessaloniki /Masterclasses2009
  • Public action in the area of gypsies /Florina 2009
  • Participation to the Visual course /Prespes 2009, 2008
  • Performance /Field  - Florina  2008

Group exhibitions
  • Athina 2011 /Gallery Kaplanon 5
  • Florina 2011/ Modern Art mueum
  • Florina 2011/Aristotelis museum
  • Florina 2010 /Aristotelis museum
  • Florina 2008 –Student’s hour 1–En Florini
  • Edessa,Goumenisa,Kilkis 2008 /Go to psycologist
  • Florina 2008 /Animation participation in honor to Theodorou Aggelopoulou