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Ina van Delden

Ina van Delden has been living in the Peloponnese since 2001 and in Mystras since 2004. Here she owns a house with guest room along with a beautiful garden growing oranges mandarins and lemons.

Mystras is well known for it's last Byzantine settlement and is a lovely village at the foot of an old castle and the Taygetos mountains. She often walks with her guests in these mountains using the old donkey paths and dirt roads surrounding Mystras.

Photography has been her hobby since age 16 but 6 years ago she discovered digital photography which has now become a creative and important part of her daily life. She had an exhibition in the library in Sparti and won a couple of prices.

Her first trip to Alonissos was in 1977 and from 1990 she has returned many times, always to Steni Valla which in those days was a tiny hidden settlement where interesting activities in connection with the Seals and exploring the sea bed were taking place. It was the people however who drew her to return there again and again.....

Underneath a small selection of Ina's work.