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Niki Sarakenidou

Born in Greece in 1984 in Thessaloniki, where she lives and works.
She graduated from the University of West Macedonia Department of Fine and Applied Arts. She specialised in painting under the guidance of Professor  I. Ziogas and digital applications under the guidance of Professor V. Bouzas.

She also studied Greek Sign Language at the National Foundation of the Deaf, Annex Panorama Thessaloniki and graduated from the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki.


January 25, 2012
WORKS 2011 – GRADUATES 2012 In Florina’s Museum of Contemporary art
November 22 – December 7, 2011
Exhibition «Διερευνώντας…» («Exploring...») In The Gallery, Kaplanon 5 Athens
June 15 – 16, 2011
Thesis Exhibition Which take place in the area of the Department of Fine And Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia.
July 2010
Student Art Festival, Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, Athens. Actors involved: Athens School of Fine Arts.
June 2 – 24, 2010
Exhibition «Χρόνος, Μνήμη, Λήθη» («Time, Memory, Oblivion»)
Archaeological Museum Aianis. Curated by Zoe Godosi.
Organized by: L Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.
With the support of the Prefectual Administration of Kozani.
April 8 – 17, 2010
First Student Art Exhibition of TEET. Municipal Market of Kipselis.
In Municipal Market of Kipselis.
Co-ordination: Student Association Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.
December 22, 2009 – January 21, 2010
«…η αρχή» («...the beginning») Group exhibition. Involved institutions: Prefectural Administration of Florina, FSF «Aristotle».

Underneath we like to give you a brief impression of her work.