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Exhibitions and Events to come in 2016

Here is a (very) brief overview of events and exhibitions during the 2016 season:

There is only one exhibition planned for this season, namely the exhibition of three Greek artists:

- Kristina Kellesidou (she already exhibited before in the Alonissos Museum
   Silk Paintings
- Dina Papadopoulou
Hand-made Jewelry
- Theodosia Nikoltsi

The exhibition of these three artists will be held from August 1 up to August 10.

You'll find a biography in Greek and English of the artist by clicking on her/his name
above the pictures of her/his art work.

Kristina Kellesidou
- Silk Paintings

Dina Papadopoulou
- Hand-Made Jewelry , made from mineral crystals, semi-precious stones, silver, alpaca,
   old-jewelry parts and hand-made beads.

Theodosia Nikoltsi
- Decorative and household-use Pottery

Out of the blue a Greek artist, George Kalidaropoulos, applied for the possibility to exhibit his boats in the museum.
So as from Saterday July 16 till the first of August he will show his art with us.

George Kalidaropoulos:
Boat Models made from drift wood, pallet wood, plywood, metal, tubes, wires, threads, nets, etc.

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