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Colin Oosterveld, Silk Paintings

We kindly invite you to view Colin's exhibition of silk paintings and to experience the beauty of nature in all her harmony of colour; experience flora and fauna in the changing  seasons with a range of feelings.
The theme for this exhibition is "NATURE" Silk is a natural product and lends itself very well to these themes.
Colin says: "When I think of the theme "NATURE" different words come to mind; colour and harmonies, as seen all around in the natural world and in my art. Free and flowing ",as in the silk itself and in the colours used. Warm and cold" as in the feelings connected to the colours used in my art and life and in both flora and fauna".
The art works on display are untitled so please fee free to name them from you own feelings.
So please take your time to enjoy and wander through my world of colours which has been created for you!

Underneath  some details of his work. It often seems that the color and the details in particular bring forward the natural beauty of a silk painting.

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