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Heleni Faka

Heleni Faka says about her work: "Mosaic is a very ancient, a very modern and a very controversial type of visual art. It is a special art and it has been evaluated and expressed with specific conditions because it has its own rules and style. The mosaic in ancient times was considered as a type of painting with a greater resistance to time and weather conditions. For this reason, mosaic was called the painting of eternity.

My first contact with mosaic began when I visited for the first time a local exhibition, which played an important role in my life, because it motivated me to deal with this particular art. After a short period of time I started taking mosaic art courses in the city where I used to live.
This exhibition  gives me the pleasure and the opportunity to present some pieces of my work and share with others my creativity. Tradition and creativity are two key factors that led to my work until now and characterize it.

I work exclusively with natural materials (marble, granite, smalti, semiprecious stones, pebbles, etc) All hand-cut. The art of mosaic is hard, tough and time consuming, but the final result is always a kind of incentive and reward for me. Creating with a wide range of styles and colors of stones and cutting the stone into the specific shape to fit exactly, increases the complexity, but it never stops fascinating me.

This art gives me the opportunity to give shape and form to something indefinable, something  unknown. Through this art there is a specific destination: the goal. The goal of the full completion of what I have in my mind and I want to create. Finally, creating mosaics is my way to understand our complex and uncertain world. I hope that the viewers, after seeing my work,  will examine the environment around them with different eyes".