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Friends of the Alonissos' (Pirate) Museum (FOAM)

You can play an important part in helping to support and sponsor museum programs and activities by becoming a Friend of the Alonissos Museum. Enlarging the organization with more international Friends is among the immediate plans of the museum. Any individual or a legal entity may become a museum friend.

Who are the Friends of the Alonissos' Museum?
The Friends of Alonissos (Pirate) Museum is a non-profit organisation founded in 2002. It operates independently of the Alonissos (Pirate) Museum and runs its own affairs. Its goal is to provide a wide base of public support for the Alonissos Museum and to encourage its development as a cultural and educational institution.

At the moment the number of Friends is growing rapidly,  and since the funding in 2002, our Friends have contributed in professional services and countless volunteer hours to aid with the steady improvement of the quality of the museum's collections and exhibitions.

Who are in charge of Friends of the Alonissos' Museum?
Every four years the FOAM-members elect a president which is in charge till the next election.

What support give the Friends of the Alonissos' Museum?
Over the years, the Friends have contributed in the following projects:

  • The publication in 2003 of the book "Alonissos in the 19th and 20th century" in the Greek language;
  • Several donations to the Historic Photo Archive;
  • Providing of a professional scanner to digitalize old photo's;
  • Presentation of an historical Diving film; the benefits were for the Alonissos Boy Scouts;
  • Another presentation of this historical Diving film; the benefits were for the family of a young Alonissos' heart disease patient waiting in an Athens' hospital for heart surgery;
  • Providing the money for a professional busbar-hanging system for photographs, paintings and other pictures throughout the museum;
  • Providing the money to be able to buy an important WWII archive;
  • Providing the money to achieve special clamps, perspex and wood for consoles in the exhibition room.

What benefits do the Friends of the Alonissos' (Pirate) Museum get for their Friendship?
  • The personal satisfaction of helping to preserve the history and heritage of the Northern Sporades;
  • Free admission to exhibitions and all museum events on showing your FOAM-pass;
  • Membership entitles you to the visit the museums free of charge on showing your FOAM-pass;
  • A 15% discount at the museum's shop on articles over 10 euro events on showing your FOAM-pass.

What are the costs of becoming a Friend of the Alonissos' (Pirate) Museum?

  • Annual membership fee is euro 27.50 per person  (first year);
  • Partner membership fee is euro 45 per 2 persons  (first year);
  • Student membership fee is euro 12.50 per person up to 27 years  (first year);
  • Senior membership fee is euro 12.50 per person as from 65 years  (first year).
Choose the appropriate PayPal button for either a new membership (top button) or re-newal of your membership (lower button) or email us for the bank-account data to transfer your fee(s).

Membership Options

Membership Options

How can you become a Friend of the Alonissos' (Pirate) Museum?
You can apply for membership by e-mailing us at or by downloading the Application (PDF file) by clicking here and post it to us.

The Address is:
Friends of the Alonissos' Museum
P.O. Box 64, 37005 Alonissos, Greece

When we receive your application form, your membership fee(s) and a (digital) photo of yourself, we will provide you with a FOAM-Membership ID-Pass as shown on the specimen underneath. This pass proves your annual membership and also gives you access to the benefits of a FOAM-member.